Reception and Accommodation for pilgrims at:
Hameau Le Faluel,Signy l’Abbaye 08460, département des Ardennes, France.

On the road to Compostella and Rome, the via Campaniensis, the Via Francigena, the GR 654
Rocroi – Signy l’Abbaye – Reims


Throughout the years pilgrims and hikers came knocking on my door for drinking water supply, information and overnight stay. I found these encounters interesting and pleasant.

Those guests told me they enjoyed chatting, drinking a glass together or taking a break from walking. A lot of them informed me that I could do pilgrims a big favour by expanding and developing an offer. After all, there’s not a lot of accommodation between Rocroi and Signy l’Abbaye and certainly not on the route itself!

I started with my offer in 2015 and will -with a lot of pleasure- continue with it for de next years.

  • Information on the route, the stores, doctor, hotels, rooms in Signy l’ Abbaye.
  • Mediation and help to get to a doctor, veterinarian, pharmacist,…
  • Drinking water supply
  • Basic medical care.
  • Wifi and telephone to European fix numbers.

Le Faluel is a hamlet of Signy l’Abbaye and exists of three farms, meadows, fields and forests. It is situated in a rolling landscape where I live in an old farm, renovated and restored with the help of family and friends.

The farm is situated on the road to Compostella and Rome. This track is known under the names Via Campaniensis, the Via Francigena, the GR 654.The Via Campaniensis (FR) is the continuation of the via Monastica (BE).

From my place it’s seven kilometres to Signy l’Abbaye (one and a half our walk). For those coming from Rocroi, Signy l’Abbaye may be a little too much because they already walked 26km and they may regret a nice stay in Le Faluel!

[dfd_testimonials testimonial_author_title=”Guy Bedeer” testimonial_author_subtitle=”Your host” testimonial_author_desc=”I am from Flemish origin and I live permanently in France since my retirement in 2010. This is a deliberated decision as I love nature, the silence and enjoy gardening, animals (I have two horses, a dog and a cat). I have a little vineyard and love to welcome guests into my environment and exchange stories.
I speak Dutch, French, English and a few of words of German.” testimonial_author_image=”104″ content_default_weight=”” heading_typography_type=”google_fonts” sub_heading_default_weight=”” module_animation=”transition.expandIn” main_heading_font_family=”font_family:Montserrat|font_call:Montserrat”]